Government Services

For Government clients, APS delivers innovative shared services and robotics process automation solutions, assistance developing requirements documentation and acquisition strategies using time-tested and successful approaches, leveraging emerging technologies and implementing enhanced business processes. APS’ priority is to ensure strategy and documentation are properly aligned for the client to receive what they need – in the most efficient and economical way.

Services include:

Requirements Development & Documentation Preparation
  1. Provide guidance and assistance with Statement of Work/Performance Work Statement (SOW/PWS) content development, draft SOW/PWS to meet client’s goals, draft other required-acquisition support documents including independent cost estimates, acquisition plans and justifications to complete fully developed requirements packages.

Acquisition Strategy Development
  1. Assist in developing innovative and specialized acquisition strategies and develop acquisition plans that meet the client’s needs in an efficient, cost effective and value-added means, remaining fully compliant with Federal regulations.
Specialized Shared Services Organizational Design & Operations
  1. Bring the “Art of the Possible” to fruition in the design, development, documentation and operations of transformational Shared Services acquisition services. APS provides the vision and experience in developing the only one of its kind Shared Services Acquisition Office in the Federal Government that delivers unprecedented acquisition efficiency, speed, cost savings/avoidance, quality and compliance.
Strategic Sourcing and Category Management
  1. Develop efficient and cost-saving acquisition portfolios that can deliver more than 30x return on investment (ROI) annually while substantially increasing spend under management (SUM). Strategic sourcing leverages the buying power of the entire customer base to drive down direct unit of issue costs.  Properly constructed, strategic sourcing portfolios can also deliver remarkably short requisition-to-order times that put items in the hands of users significantly faster than standard acquisition lead times resulting in lower processing and operating costs.
  2. Strategic sourcing inherently meets Category Management (CM) requirements and helps organizations meet their tiered SUM goals established by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).
Federal Acquisition Training
  1. APS delivers high-impact, high-retention training for Government employees and support staff. Incorporating the knowledge of the interworking’s of the Federal Acquisition process along with the typical barriers normally encountered in daily contract formation activities, training is designed so that participants have an understanding of “what”, “how” and most importantly, “why”. APS training imparts a deeper level of understanding using real-life scenarios to enhance knowledge retention and application of skills in daily activities.