Frequently Asked Questions


Does APS offer exclusive services?

APS’ services may be provided on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis depending on the opportunity being pursued.

Business team meetingDoes APS share client information that it has access to?

APS protects client information from disclosure to any third party. Client proprietary information, ideas, plans, strategies or other client specific information are not disclosed.

How does APS provide services to both the Government and Industry without being conflicted?

APS maintains strict protocols on the release of information it has been provided and is meticulous about preventing actual or the appearance of conflicts of interests. Accordingly, we do not support Industry on any opportunity that APS assisted the Government in any portion of the acquisition process.

How much does APS charge?

APS maintains a variable fee structure that is dependent on multiple factors including, complexity, time to deliver and the service requested to name a few.

Are all APS services chargeable?

No. APS provides an initial 30-minute consultation free of charge to understand the client’s goals and to provide the client an assessment of the value APS’ services may to their success.


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