Industry Services

For Industry clients, APS uses its in-depth expertise of the Federal acquisition system to interpret and understand what the Government is asking for and how they plan to evaluate and select a Contractor for the opportunity. APS’ services are designed to help the client “read between the lines” of solicitations so they better understand where proposal resources should be focused to increase their probability-of-win while reducing costs and proposal development time.

Services include:

Opportunity Review & Capability Assessment

  1. Consultation designed for initial consideration of opportunities to identify key requirements in comparison with client’s capabilities so that an informed decision can be made in pursuing capture and allocation of resources. This important initial service provides the client a general probability of win based on their capabilities compared to the Government’s published requirement.

Business Capture Consulting

  1. After a decision is made to pursue an opportunity, APS provides consultation on solicitation terms and conditions, recommended questions to ask, assessment of the Government's evaluation methodology and criteria weightings to focus on most highly critical factors, preparing relational cost estimates to proximate the Government's estimate for targeted pricing and advise on capture strategies specific to the requirement.

Teaming & Posturing Strategies

  1. Recommendations on teaming strategies to strengthen capability gaps to provide a fully developed proposal while maintaining small business set-aside eligibility, when applicable.

Proposal Review & Recommendations

  1. Review draft proposals to identify potential gaps or language that fails to capture key requirements sought in the Government’s solicitation and provide recommended edits to increase clarity and alignment with the Government's published evaluation and selection criteria while reducing potential gaps resulting in low evaluation ratings or disqualification.

Cost Estimating

  1. Understanding of how the Government performs its independent cost estimates permits APS the ability to create proximate independent cost estimates for opportunities based on the specific requirements and market factors. These independent cost estimates can be instrumental in the client’s development of its pricing structure to be more price competitive in response to opportunities.

Proposal Writing

  1. APS provides proposal writing services for opportunities after collecting a client’s capabilities in meeting the requirements. The proposal writing is designed to meet all solicitation requirements and eliminate gaps that may be administratively unfavorable during government evaluations. Due to the infinite opportunities that exist, a client’s specific technical capabilities in performing the requirements and limited timeline to respond to opportunities, APS does not provide the content for the “Technical Approach” portion of the client’s proposal.

Conflict of Interest Mitigation Techniques

  1. In the event of actual or potential conflicts of interest (pre- or post-award), APS provides mitigation techniques and strategies to absolve the conflicts permitting continued opportunity pursuit or limiting negative impacts after award. Should there be a low probability of conflict mitigation, clients can make informed decisions about continued pursuit and expenditure of resources.

Post-award Loss Analysis

  1. In the event of non-selection, APS provides consultation on source selection activities that may give rise to a challenge of the award decision. APS assesses the facts and factors to provide client an independent viewpoint on the value proposition of protesting the award decision. APS does not provide legal advice and does not represent on behalf of a client before any Federal agency or official; rather, APS provides salient acquisition process specific information to the client relative the source selection and award decision that gives the client an opportunity to do a value assessment prior to initiating a challenge and/or provide lessons learned for future opportunities.

Post-award Administration Assessment & Support

  1. After successfully winning a contract award, APS provides consultation and assistance in organizing for delivery, initiating performance and administrative management functions supporting contract performance and deliverable requirements.


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